Your dj’s setup and appearance should be clean and should not cover the entire dance floor. Unlike other djs that bring unnecessary equipment to cover the entire dance floor, we only bring what’s needed. Our setups are clean and presentable; therefore, there will not be any visible loose wires running across your venue. Each of our sound systems have been designed to provide clear, distortion-free sound and the volume is controlled to appropriate levels. Our effort is to provide high quality, original sounds; not loud volume. We also bring back up equipment just in case of any mishaps. Our equipment consists of JBL SRX series and QSC KW series speakers, Pioneer CDJs, DJ Mixers and Controllers, Technics Turntables, Allen & Heath mixer board and Shure QLX/SLX SM58 wireless microphones. We also carry state of the lighting anything from ADJ Beams or Chauvet Moving Heads, Lasers, Strobes to LED Wireless Uplights, Pattern Gobos and Custom gobos. Lastly, for those extravagant weddings, we also provide Indoor Sparklers (venue permitting) and Dancing on the Cloud effect (low-end fog) for your first dance.

For those Clients who like to showcase their DJs as their main act, we can always do a Las Vegas style LED wall setup, these are mainly popular for larger events.

Envy Soundz

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